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Social Media Marketing and Website Design

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Why is Social Media Marketing so important to your business?

Social media sites provide a platform for you to share your message. Social media is not only the most cost effective form of advertising, but you reach a wider audience. Businesses can also target their ideal customer.

Why hire a social media marketer?

It takes a lot of time. Most business owners do not have the time in their day to spend building their social media sites. Social media marketers also know many of the secrets to getting your post seen. In most cases you have less than three seconds to catch a potential clients attention. It is important to make sure you have the right content.

Would you like to find your ideal client in a specific location?

With geo locating and specific keywords we can target potential clients. For example, if your business is a coffee shop, and someone nearby tweets they are in the mood for coffee, we can locate them and tweet back your daily special. You now have a new customer.

How Social Media Marketing can help your business.


Social Media Strategy

Together we will create a social media marketing strategy.

Create Original Content

Create original content for social media posts, websites, newsletters and blogs.

Quality Social Media Post

We will post all of your social media content.

Target Your Ideal Client

With tracking sites we can find your ideal client. We can find them by their likes, hobbies, where they shop and by their location.

Gain Followers

Weekly we will find potential clients to help grow your social media following. More followers = More exposure = Growth in your business.


While creating content we write copy so it will increase SEO. This gives you a  higher position in search engines.

Monitor Your Sites

By monitoring sites we can help build your reputation. If a customer posts a positive review we can thank them. If their is a negative review we can notify you so it can be taken care of in a efficient manor.

Geo Locating

Find potential customers in a specific location.

Promote Your Buisness

With social media advertising we can target your ideal client, grow your following and in turn grow your business.
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Website Design

Together we will set a plan for your website. We will discuss your goals and build your website to your specifications.

Website Maintenance

If you already have a website or if we create your site, we can maintain updates for you.

What Rocky Mountain Social Can provide your business.

Create a Social Media marketing strategy specific to your business.

Create original content, find articles and create attractive post for various social media sites. Examples; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Yelp, Instagram and others.

Create ads to a targeted audience on social media.

Monitor sites. Reply to messages that come through social media.

Track potential customers via social media.

Write original content for blog post, info products and newsletters.

Website creations and maintenance.

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Why use social media marketing?

Exposure to a wider audience.

Easier to find out the needs of your costomers.

Easier to share your message and build your brand. It’s also easier for others to share your message with their friends.

Drives more traffic to your website.

Increases company credibility.

Increases the quantity of feedback from costumers. 

Attract targeted audiences.

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